Produced by Keio University, Takefuji Lab
Device Drivers Limited
Tokyo Japan
Product # Product Amount Level
A01-K ATMEL Simple Writer Kit \3.000 E
A01-P ATMEL Simple Writer Product assembled \7,000 -
S01-K Serial Connected CMOS Camera Kit \25,000 A
S01-P Serial Connected CMOS Camera Product Assembled \38,000 -
S01-C Case for Serial Connected CMOS Camera \1,200 -
S02-K Tiny Serial Connected CMOS Camera Kit \35,000 S
S02-P Tiny Serial Connected CMOS Camera Product \48,000 -
U01-K USB connected CMOS Camera Kit \32,000 A
U01-P USB Connected CMOS CameraProduct \45,000 -
U01-C Case for USB Connected CMOS Camera . -

Level At least you need to do followings by yourself.
S 0.5mm pitch.
Wizard level soldering, wiring and asembling technique is required.
A 0.8mm pitch. Many
Tough spirit and high level of soldering and asembling skill is required.
B 1mm pitch.
Intermediate level, not for beginners.
C Some special skill is required, better with 1 year or more soldering experience.
D Good for trainning of soldering for beginnes.
E No experience requires for novice. Soldering is not required.
* For over 100 orders, discount price will be applied
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